Volunteering at NGBB

We have a number of Volunteers helping us either in the Garden, the Science department or in Education. The Garden Volunteers group started in 2004 in response to requests from local people who wanted to offer their help in the Garden by working in a pleasant environment with other similar minded people and learning about plants

Garden Volunteering

Would you like to support us in gardening?

Science Volunteering

You could be helpful to us in both the herbarium and the library.

Education Volunteering

Would you like to assist us in tutoring different age groups?

How do I become a volunteer?

Contact Us

E-mail fatmagulenc@ngbb.org.tr introducing yourself, and state your interest.

Attend Orientation

At the date published on our website for volunteers orientation.

Get Informed

About the areas of interest, and what they entails.

Decide your interest

Liaise with the volunteer co-ordinator in choosing your area of interest, based on your skills.

Get Training

Acquire the skills regarding your area of interest.

Choose a date

Choose conductive date for your training, and inform the volunteer co-ordinator.